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Your New Job at The Pilgrm!
4th November, 2022

Your New Job at The Pilgrm!

The sad truth is, most of us have quite hefty bills to pay. And therefore need jobs. And a lot of jobs are boring and quite stressful. 

BUT we're here to give you some good news -  some jobs are actually great.

In fact, there's one of those going here at The Pilgrm. Do you fancy coming to work surrounded by good people, great plants (maybe too many plants), curated playlists, unique artwork, close-to-perfect coffee, Paddington's most popular brunch, and plenty of big smiles from very happy guests; many who return time and time again?

We'll carry on.... We're on the hunt for a Food & Beverage Manager to join our growing team. In a nutshell, we're hoping for someone with unstoppable energy and some relevant experience in the hospitality industry, great with guests, ready to be accountable for the The Pilgrm's drinking and dining experiences, knows a fair bit about events, wants an opportunity to get creative with their knowledge, and is more than a little bit excited about both food and, well... beverages. 

We are firm believers in equal opportunities and want our staff to feel that their journey at The Pilgrm is theirs to lead, with the unwavering support of a kind and conscientious team around them. A cohort that will soon come to feel like a family; and that family won't just be your colleagues here at The Pilgrm, it extends to the suppliers we carefully choose and the brands we partner with - we only work with good people. You'll be integral in carrying those ethos forward, and ensuring we are supporting pivotal charities along the way where we can - whether through the menus and dishes we offer, the events we run, the brands we partner with, or something else exciting you probably have up your sleeve.

If you're interested in finding out a bit more, we'd love to hear from you. Please send your cover letter and CV to hello@thepilgrm.com. 

Your New Job at The Pilgrm! Your New Job at The Pilgrm! Your New Job at The Pilgrm!

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21st October, 2022 New Art: Hans Arnold Rothholz at The Pilgrm

We are delighted to be able to share a collection of over 30 original posters from the late Hans Arnold Rothholz, which are now on display at The Pilgrm.

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6th October, 2022 Bottomless Hot Chocolate This Winter!

It's hot chocolate season, and this winter it's on us! Book your next stay with the code WINTER for bottomlesss hot chocolate each day of your visit.

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2nd September, 2022 Mirror Margarita x The Pilgrm Mexican Brunch Pop-up

The Pilgrm is joining forces with the multi-award winning cocktail gurus at Mirror Margarita for a special brunch this September

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30th June, 2022 Never-been seen Art by Keith Cunningham now on display at The Pilgrm

We are honoured to invite guests to The Pilgrm to enjoy some of the never-been-seen pieces by Keith Cunningham. A total of 58 of his secretive works currently hang throughout our café and lounge.

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12th May, 2022 The Sound & Supper Club

This summer, The Pilgrm invites you to take your senses on a trip around the world right here in London at The Sound & Supper Club!

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8th April, 2022 Not just a soap.

We’re excited to be collaborating with the Stockholm-based brand, Aárd, who have created a sustainable multi-purpose soap cube made from 100% natural ingredients for Pilgrm guests.

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Hello lovely guests, friends and neighbours!

Book your London stay using the code WINTER and get free bottomless hot chocolate throughout your visit! Available on bookings from 01.11.22 until 31.01.23.

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