Flexible cancellation available. Cancel without charge up until 3pm the day before arrival. Read our cancellation policy.

Flexible cancellation available. Read policy.


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Whether you're super-organised and like all the boxes ticked before you travel, or simply want to kill time en-route, our online check-in takes under two minutes and takes care of the boring bits of arriving at a hotel, getting you settled quicker.

Complete online check-in any time after you’ve booked and we can:

  • Give you priority room allocation
  • Let you know when you room is ready (we’ll email or SMS you)
  • Have your key ready for your arrival
  • Contact us via WhatsApp or email with any questions about your stay

When you arrive at The Pilgrm, in two shakes of a lambs tail you’ll have your key and be in your room, relaxing, unpacking, planning - whatever you want to do.

Forgot to check-in? Don’t worry - you can do it on your own device or our tablet when you arrive.

Check In Time is 3pm. Check-in online and if we can get you in earlier we certainly will.


No queuing in the morning for you. Complete your check-out from the comfort of your bed or over breakfast. Something to pay? Settle with the credit card we have or swap for a new one - the choice is yours. Drop your key off at the Cafe as you leave. Job done.

Check Out Time is 12pm. Need longer? Come for a chat.

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Opt to create a profile when you book online and not only will it help you make faster bookings in future, you’ll be able to see your past, current and future bookings in one place too.

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