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Hacha X The Pilgrm

Hacha X The Pilgrm

Joining forces with some of the world’s best cocktail bars is nothing new here at The Pilgrm, with creations on our menu hailing from bars across London, Rome, Athens and even out to Singapore. So, it won’t come as a surprise that our latest (and maybe greatest) Margarita is brought to you from our favourite new East London haunt, Hacha - launched by Deano Moncrieffe and Emma Murphy back in 2019.

Served on the rocks in the style of a classic Tommy’s Margarita, the Hacha’s Mirror Margarita is now available to enjoy in our lounge.

Created by Deano, luxury Tequila and Mezcal extraordinaire, Mirror Margarita’s story began in 2019 ahead of opening their bar, Hacha Agaveria in East London. The stand-out signature serve put the new bar on the map as a destination for Tequila and Mezcal lovers. Removal of lime juice is what allows the crystal-clear appearance, and offers the perfect balance of sweet and sour notes which come from the malic acid found in the agave plant.

The cocktail has quickly gained momentum and acclaimed several awards such as Cocktail of the Year 2020, 7th best cocktail in the world by Time Out Global, and Best Cocktail in London by Time Out London. If you fancy making the journey across London, Hacha Agaveria showcases an ever-changing list of 25 different agave spirits to explore, as well as a creative cocktail menu and a delicious selection of authentic Mexican dishes.

If not, have yours right here with us. Bookings aren’t necessary but feel free to reserve your spot via lounge@thepilgrm.com.

You can find out more about Hacha or buy your very own bottle of Mirror Margarita here.

Pictured - Hacha, Dalston

Hacha X The Pilgrm Hacha X The Pilgrm Hacha X The Pilgrm

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