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New Art: Hans Arnold Rothholz at The Pilgrm

New Art: Hans Arnold Rothholz at The Pilgrm

We are delighted to be able to share a collection of original posters from the late Hans Arnold Rothholz, which are now on display throughout our public spaces at The Pilgrm.

Born in Germany in 1919, Arnold Rothholz fled to England at the age of 14 to escape the rising wave of fascism spreading through the country. The visual political propaganda prevalent at the time most definitely made an impression on Rothholz and after leaving school, he began his journey in the arts at Willesden Technical College and then The Reimann School, igniting his lifelong passion for graphic design. 

In 1942, he moved to London and started his own graphic design practice. It was at this point that he began to receive commissions for the informative posters Rothholz became known for; starting with designs for the General Post Office Advertising Department followed by work for the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents, and London Transport, amongst others. 

Rothholz went on to design the 1948 Wembley Olympics programme and subsequently numerous other sporting posters for Wembley Stadium, as well as working on the Dome of Discovery at the 1951 Festival of Britain. 

His notable reputation within the graphics world continued to bring him a steady stream of commissions throughout his career, producing graphics for the Lyons Corner House, film posters for Ealing Studios, the check-in counter for El Al airlines at Heathrow airport, and house styles for Winsor & Newton and The Wellcome Foundation to name a few.

He died in 2000 and his archive is held at The Design Archives in Brighton; but for a limited time only, over 30 of his posters can be seen in our lounge and cafe here at The Pilgrm.

New Art: Hans Arnold Rothholz at The Pilgrm New Art: Hans Arnold Rothholz at The Pilgrm New Art: Hans Arnold Rothholz at The Pilgrm New Art: Hans Arnold Rothholz at The Pilgrm

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