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Working (and not working) from home tips
7th January, 2021

Working (and not working) from home tips

Now that we’ve eaten the entirety of our fridge and NYE 'celebrations' are over, it looks like most of us are back to working from home this week. To help you through, we’ve asked some of our friends what keeps them sane. Some answers were very useful, whilst others… perhaps a little inappropriate to mention here....


We know all too well it is so easy to sit in bed until midday with your laptop on your lap, a crooked neck, and a pack of crisps at your side. Instead, find your spot and mark it as your work territory. If you have little devils-I mean kids… set some boundaries with them, let them know that this is your work time and you’re not to be distracted.

Create a morning routine – it doesn’t have to be as elaborate as some of the hour-long morning routine videos that pop up on YouTube. Just shower, get dressed out of your pjs and make a coffee. Some may even want to kick off their day with a 10-minute workout, meditation or just a little stretch. Lucy our F&D Manager does just 1-minute of journaling every morning to get out any bad thoughts and ready for a positive day.

A little music in the background will break that daunting silence. Our friend and favourite DJ, Olly Roberts, has created the perfect WFH playlist, have a listen yourself!

Have a little tidy up – tidy space, tidy mind... or whatever that saying is.


Stick to consistent work hours, but if you do have to work a bit later one day, allow yourself more of a lie-in the following day. Create a schedule. Buy yourself a planner, whiteboard, or cover one wall in chalkboard paint to write on; whatever works for you. Include your work hours and make sure you add in a break for yourself.

List your goals for the day ticking them off as you go. Get the more urgent bits done first thing, you’ll feel better once they’re over with. Then, before you finish off the day, note down 3 main priorities for tomorrow.

One of our friends told us that their normal commute is 20 minutes long and so each day, they go on a 20-minute walk as soon as they finish at 5:30pm and call it their ‘commute’ – we love that.


Just because you’re at home, this does not mean you shouldn’t give yourself a break.

The Pilgrm’s Alexia makes sure to step away from the computer screen and go on a walk; breathe in the fresh air and take in the natural daylight.

Wrap up warm and take a sandwich to a park bench, plugging into a podcast – Grounded by Louis Theroux is a personal favourite of mine at the moment.

If it’s raining, take the opportunity to make yourself some great grub. You guys know how much we love brunch here at The Pilgrm so keep an eye on our social media as we share some of our favourite recipes over the coming weeks!

Being in the comfort of your own home and being able to do anything you please is a luxury and perhaps gives the chance to be a little naughty. Whether that be lunch time frivolities or watching Judge Judy whilst eating as much chocolate as you like, we aren’t judging you and neither is Judy.


Every day is different. Sometimes, you’ll get that dreaded ‘can we jump on a quick zoom’ email and you’ll reply with ‘sorry, I’m so swamped with work’ whilst sitting in the bath with a glass of wine. And that’s okay.

You don’t need to isolate yourself and feel alone. Although Sharon from finance is not sitting at the desk opposite you at the moment, that doesn’t mean you have to eliminate human contact from your day. So instead of emailing and texting, drop your colleagues voice notes and encourage them to do the same.

Life isn’t all work and no play so keep yourself entertained in your spare time.

That is NOT us suggesting that you become a marathon runner who speaks 14 languages and has learnt to play the guitar better than Jimi Hendrix with a prize-winning banana bread. The simple pleasures matter too.

Silvia from Universal Works makes a “thing” of every meal. Finding new recipes and setting up the table properly gives her something to look forward to throughout the day.  

Create a book club with your pals, make a homemade pizza with all your favourite toppings, take part in a virtual escape room. You can even live stream the Northern Lights.

For this evening, you’ll find our General Manager Sylwia listening to The Temper Trap whilst making herself a Tommy’s Margarita – 60ml Mezcal, 30ml fresh lime juice & 15ml agave syrup – cheers!

Working (and not working) from home tips

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Hello lovely guests, friends and neighbours!

In light of recent news, there will be a few changes in place at The Pilgrm from 16 December. Our lounge and café will be closed, but our bedrooms currently remain open.

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